Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough http://wutc.org en Sunlight Shines Through McLeod's 'Sundial,' Casting Shadows http://wutc.org/post/sunlight-shines-through-mcleods-sundial-casting-shadows <p>When the accounting firm of <a href="http://www.hhmcpas.com/">Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough</a> decided to remove an old parking hut from the center of their parking lot, the concrete pedestal offered the perfect location for a piece of art that could be shared with everyone who passed by.&nbsp; They commissioned a work from local sculpture artist <a href="http://www.johnmcleod.net/www.johnmcleod.net/Home.html">John McLeod</a>.&nbsp; Between the firm&#39;s input and McLeod&#39;s artistic exploration of their wishes, the piece Sundial was created.</p> Tue, 13 Mar 2012 13:32:12 +0000 Rabbit Zielke 3229 at http://wutc.org Sunlight Shines Through McLeod's 'Sundial,' Casting Shadows