Punk Rock http://wutc.org en Jay Reatard Documentary Coming to Chattanooga http://wutc.org/post/jay-reatard-documentary-coming-chattanooga <p>On Saturday, M<em>ar</em>ch 24th, the Mise En Scenesters Film Club will be screening the documentary <em>Better than Something</em> at Collective Clothing Warehouse. The film&#39;s subject is Memphis musician Jay Reatard who tragically passed away in 2010.<br /><br /> The directors of <em>Better than Something</em>, Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz, talk about the film. Chris Dortch and Zach Zacharias, the co-founders of the Mise En Scenesters, also discuss what makes Jay Reatard&#39;s music unique.</p><p>http://www.archive.org/download/JayReatardAnA/Garrett3-15.mp3</p> Thu, 15 Mar 2012 16:18:16 +0000 Garrett Crowe 3364 at http://wutc.org