Mon December 1, 2003
WUTC Local

2003-2004 Season of ChevronTexaco Metropolitan Opera

Season's Highlights Include Met Broadcast Premiere of Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini and New Productions of Mozart's Don Giovanni and R. Strauss' Salome as well as the return of Wagner's complete Ring cycle

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Tue November 11, 2003
WUTC Local

"Live From Bonnaroo 2003" on This Week's Free Lunch

Chattanooga,TN – The Bonnaroo Festival takes place on a beautiful 500-acre farm in Manchester, Tn. Fans from around the country flock to the site every year. This year the concert was held on the weekend of June 13th-15th.

This year artists like Nickel Creek, The Dead, O.A.R, and even James Brown performed on stage.

Despite the rain, nearly 80,000 concert-goers made the pilgramage to Manchester. Highlights of the show included passionate 3 hour sets from Neil Young & Crazy Horse and The Dead.

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Thu November 6, 2003
Arts & Culture

Singer/Songwriter Shelby Lynne on Thursday's Free Lunch

Chattanooga,TN – Produced by AMERICANA music, these radio specials are candid interviews with various artists.

The host, Rusty Miller of "This Week In AMERICANA" has produced radio specials for Nickel Creek, Dolly Parton, Guy Clark and more.

This interview with Shelby Lynne focuses are her elgantly simple new album "Identity Crisis." Lynne also talks about songwriting and her southern background.

The interview will air at noon on Thursday.

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Tue October 28, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Tuesday, October 28

Chattanooga, TN – The Jaco Pastorius Big Band is a tribute band on the grandest of scales. A 14-piece band, JPBB is the lifelong project of trombonist/conducter Peter Graves.

Also featured on "Word Of Mouth Revisted" are some of the greatest bass players of our time: Victor Bailey, Christian McBride, and Jeff Carswell to name a few.

"Word Of Mouth Revisited" features 21 tracks from every creative corner of the life of Jaco Pastorius.

The album will be played in its entirety beginning at noon on Tuesday.

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Tue October 21, 2003
WUTC Local

The Motley Fool Radio Show Coming to WUTC-FM


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Tue October 21, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch For Tuesday, October 21

Chattanooga, TN – The Free Lunch For Tuesday, October 21, will be the new album from Van Morrison. His latest release is titled What's Wrong With This Picture? and was released on Blue Note Records.

Van Morrison is a permanent fixture in many of our lives. His songs speak out to you as only Van Morrison can. His latest release is a refreshing return to the Van Morrison of old.

What's Wrong With This Picture? is an album much like Morrison's 2002 release of Down the Road. Only this time he replaces the bitterness with subtle humor and contentment.

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Tue October 21, 2003
WUTC Local

Wait Wait....Don't Tell Me! debuts November 2, 2003

Chattanooga, TN. – WAIT WAIT DON'T TELL ME!!

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Thu October 9, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Thursday, October 9th

Chattanooga, TN – The brand-new release from the (un)prolific singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett is now in Stores.

"My Baby Don't Tolerate" is the name of the album released on Lost Highway Records. This album is a collection of new material...that's right, All New Material from Lyle Lovett.

It's been seven years since his acclaimed "Road to Ensenada," solo effort. In fact, critics are calling "My Baby Don't Tolerate" a sort of sequel to 1996's "Road to Ensenada."

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Tue October 7, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch For Tuesday, October 7th 2003

Chattanooga, TN – The latest release from Sam Bush and David Grisman has been in the making for a long time.

Both Bush and Grisman have been friends since 1965 and the styles on the album are indicative of their longevity.

"Hold On, We're Strummin'," is an album of incredible density and musical genius. From the traditional bluegrass stylings on songs like "Ralph's banjo Special," to the hypnotic "Swamp Thing" this album is 70 plus minutes of pleasure to the ears.

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Thu September 11, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Thursday, September 11th

Chattanooga, TN – Kelly Joe Phelps, a native of Portland OR, has been turning heads with his contemporary blues style.

Raised in Washington state, Phelps learned the folk and country styles from his father. But according to his website, his musical influences were anything but specialized.

"Two of the first records I remember having were Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin," Phelps told the Oregon Extension Journal in 1998. "My dad played guitar, and during that 12th year, I decided I wanted to do that, so he got me started."

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Tue September 9, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Tuesday, September 9th

Chattanooga, TN – The Free Lunch for Tuesday, September 9th will be the first release from 16-year-old Joss Stone. The album is titled Soul Sessions and is released on S-Curve Records.

Born in Devon, England in 1987, Joss Stone is set to captivate the world with her amazing voice. Soul Sessions was co-produced with soul-legend, and teenage star herself, Betty Wright.

Though not much is known about this young singer, her voice will certainly make an impression.

Soul Sessions will be played in its entirety at noon on Tuesday.

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Thu September 4, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Thursday, September 4th

Chattanooga, TN – Thursday's Free Lunch offers the sonic charged pop of Grandaddy. Their latest album Sumday, released on V2 records, is an oceanic pop odyssey of the highest degree.

Formed in Modesto Ca, in 1992 Grandaddy started as your typical edgy indie rock band. It wasn't until the addition of guitarist, Jim Fairchild and keyboardist, Jim Dryden. The already stellar line-up of Jason Lytle, Kevin Garcia, and Aaron Burtch completed the band and allowed an opportunity to form their unique sound.

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Tue September 2, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Tuesday, Sep. 2, 2003

Chattanooga, TN –
A Grammy-award winning artist, Shelby Lynne is no stranger to the music business. Her 2000 release "I Am Shelby Lynne" afforded her a Grammy first best new-artist. Ironically, Lynne had been writing songs and touring for almost a decade.

Her latest album "Identity Crisis," is a very raw and personal album. Coming off of a five-year tour supporting her last album, Lynne decided it was time for some rest in her Palm Springs home.

While she was at home, Lynne began working on what would become "Identity Crisis."

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Thu August 28, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Thursday, August 28th

Chattanooga, TN – The Free Lunch for Thursday, August 28th will be the latest, and most likely the final, album from the legendary Warren Zevon. The album is titled The Wind and was recorded after Zevon was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, an inoperable form of lung cancer.

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Tue August 26, 2003
WUTC Local

Free Lunch for Tuesday, August 26th

Chattanooga, TN – The Free Lunch for Tuesday, August 26, will be the new album from fiddler, Rani Arbo and her band, Daisy Mayhem. The album is titled Gambling Eden and released on Signature records.

Recently, Arbo and company thrilled the Nightfall crowd in downtown Chattanooga with their eclectic stylings. Not only is traditional bluegrass present, but the added rhythmic percussion opens new doors for the band's musical creativity.

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