Garrett Crowe

Host, Feature News Producer & Concert Calendar

Garrett Crowe has over 10 years of experience in commercial and public radio. He joined the staff of WUTC in 2010. He’s a producer for Around and About and occasionally fills in on music shifts. Garrett holds a Master of Arts in English from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.



Thu February 20, 2014
Librarian of the year

Changing Library Space: A Conversation With Corinne Hill

Each year, Library Journal names a Librarian of the Year. For 2014, the journal chose Corinne Hill, the executive director of the Chattanooga Public Library system.

Corinne Hill joined the library in 2012. Since her arrival, the Chattanooga Library has become a hub for technology, learning, and books.

In this conversation, Hill talks the changes made to the Chattanooga Public Library, obsessive personalities of librarians, and the evolution of space within the library.

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Fri February 14, 2014

The Number Of Love

On this Valentine’s Day, WUTC wants you to ask yourself: What is the number of love? How does a relationship function?

In this story, we follow the relationship between Chattanoogans Amy Lolmaugh and Gryffon Daughtery. After meeting at drama club, their relationship takes many interesting turns which include Halloween haunts, jealousy, marriage, and a Google calendar.

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Thu January 16, 2014
Possessions and Priests

Mise En Scenesters Prepare For New Year With The Devil

It’s now 2014, and for some the devil will be coming to Chattanooga. Luckily not the literal devil, but a film called Here Comes the Devil, a movie  called “Delightfully creepy” by the LA Times.

Here Comes the Devil will have its Chattanooga premiere this Saturday at Barking Legs Theater. The Mise En Scenesters Film Club is responsible for the film’s screening.

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Thu December 19, 2013
Finding the Data

Chattanooga Moves Forward With Data-Driven Innovation

A team of the nation's most talented web designers, coders, and technologists is coming to Chattanooga to improve city services in the digital 21st century.  

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Thu December 12, 2013
From Memphis to Monteagle

Oxford American Examines The Music of Tennessee

Oxford American just released their annual Southern Music Issue, which focuses on the music of Tennessee.

With Johnny Cash on the cover, there are essays examining historic radio stations in the state, Stax Records, and Chattanooga's own Bessie Smith. Poetry from Jamie Quatro and fiction from Lucy Alibar also appear in the issue.

In this conversation, Roger D. Hodge, editor of Oxford American, discusses the variety of music in Tennessee, Johnny Cash's presence in the issue, and the state's contribution to American music.

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Thu August 1, 2013
LibraryBox 2.0

Chattanooga's Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign Ends

An interview with Jason Griffey, creator of LibraryBox

In late June of 2013, Jason Griffey, a librarian at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, began a Kickstarter campaign for LibraryBox 2.0. LibraryBox is described as a device that can "share files with anyone, anywhere, off the internet, even off the power grid."

Working like a thumb drive with a wireless connection, LibraryBox can distribute files to anyone with a wi-fi capable device such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or personal computer.

With an initial goal of $3,000, the campaign ended on July 28th. LibraryBox made its $3,000 and then some.

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Thu July 25, 2013
Storyteller Series

'This Is Not the Boy Scout Troop 69 From Nelsonville, Ohio'

Credit OliBac ( /

Richard Dubé tells a story about hitchhiking with a pineapple, school bus, and his best friend Sleazy Rider.

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Wed June 12, 2013
Don't Go in Room 237

See What's Really Behind Kubrick's 'The Shining' in New Documentary

Room 237 Chattanooga Screening Poster

An interview with Rodney Ascher, director of Room 237

If you're a fan of Stanley Kubrick, you might be interested in a documentary that's screening at the Barking Legs Theater this Friday. It's called Room 237.

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Wed June 5, 2013
Hands in the Mix

Sculpting with Untraditional Concrete

Justin Burd on his love for concrete

When you think of concrete, you may think about the material needed for sidewalks and cinder-blocks. But for Justin Burd, the material is used for sculptural and artistic purposes. 

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Wed May 29, 2013
Drinking CFC Kool-Aid

We're Not a Cult, We're the Chattahooligans

Chattahooligans showing their tattoos
Garrett Crowe

Joe Evans and George Merriman are two diehard Chattahooligans

Since 2009, the Chattahooligans have been causing havoc in the stands of Finley Stadium for the city’s soccer team, Chattanooga Football Club. 

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Thu May 16, 2013
Rewind or Fast Forward

Documentary on VHS Culture Screening in Chattanooga

Rewind This! official poster

A conversation with Rewind This! director Josh Johnson and Mise En Scenesters creator Chris Dortch

A new documentary called Rewind This! explores the rise and fall of VHS and the nostalgia of the format in the 21st century. The film will be screened at Barking Legs Theater Friday night. 

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Mon April 29, 2013
Stories to tell

Around and About Wants to Hear from Storytellers

Around and About is gearing up for an upcoming storyteller project. Do you have a story to tell? Or a knack for storytelling in general?  We're searching for those interesting and authentic stories from people in our region. 

What's a story? It has a beginning, middle, and end (not necessarily in that order). It has character, plot, tension, and climax.  If you have a nonfiction story with these components, we want to put it on the radio.

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Thu April 4, 2013
Long-Distance Thing

I Shaved My Back for This: The Story of a Desperate Roadtrip

Credit Giladr ( /

Local comedian Ryan Darling tells his roadtrip story

Local comedian Ryan Darling tells a story about his roadtrip to Bloomington, Indiana.  The trip turns into an odyssey filled with boredom, excitement, dangerous weather, a wedding, his ex-girlfriend, and hors d'oeuvres.  

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Thu March 28, 2013
Working on the spectrum

Making the Transition: Autism in the Workplace

Over 500,000 children with autism will be in their adulthood within the next ten years, and studies have shown that one out of every three young adults with the disorder lack a job.

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Thu February 28, 2013

Composer Don Davis Gets Inside the Sounds of 'The Matrix'

The Matrix is near its 14th year anniversary. When released in 1999, the film was heralded for its action, storyline, and special effects. However, another important element to The Matrix was its score created by composer Don Davis.

An interview with composer Don Davis about his score to the Matrix

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