Mary Helen Miller

Feature News Producer

Mary Helen Miller was a producer for Around and About from 2012 to 2013.  She now works at the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.

She's also worked in print journalism in New England and Washington, D.C., for few years, and she is a graduate of  Bowdoin College and Girls Preparatory School. She learned to produce radio stories at the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, Mass.



Tue September 25, 2012
Down The River

Boats Of All Kinds Welcome At Community River Float

Anyone can float. That's the idea behind The Floatila, a community river float that's happening on October 7. Everyone's invited to hop on boat and float a few miles down the Tennessee River, right by downtown. Bonus points if you build the boat yourself.

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Tue September 18, 2012
Liars Contest

Who Can Tell The Tallest Tale?

The Chattanooga Storytelling Circle is hosting a "liars contest" at the downtown branch of the public library on Saturday. It's at 2 p.m.,  and the audience will vote on the best tall tale.


Fri September 14, 2012
Assistant In The Cloud

Siri, Are We Friends?

An iPhone user talks to Siri, a feature that follows voice commands.
Vasile Cotovanu Flickr

Siri is the "personal assistant" built into newest available models of the  iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. But the newly unveiled iPhone 5 promises a better Siri. We decided to talk to the current Siri to see just how good of a conversationalist she really is.



Wed September 12, 2012
No Kill City ?

Grassroots Group Saves Hundreds Of Animals From Death

A volunteer for Cleveland For A No Kill City takes a picture of a dog at the Cleveland animal shelter to post on Facebook.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

A group of volunteers has drastically reduced the number of animals killed each month at the animal control shelter in Cleveland, TN. They call themselves Cleveland For A No Kill City, and they say if you just give the public a chance to adopt animals, they will.


Wed September 5, 2012
Hop Til You Drop

At AVA Gallery Hop, A Chance To Win An 'Instant Art Collection'

Annie Oxenfeld and Christine Doyle own SweetCylcle Apparel, a custom clothing studio on Bailey Avenue.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

There are 20 galleries and studios participating in this year's hop, and they're all over Chattanooga -- downtown, the North Shore, the Southside, Highland Park, and South Broad Street. There are a few new venues, including a custom clothing studio called SweetCycle Apparel.

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Wed September 5, 2012
Eat Your Veggies

Look For Nutrients In Local Food, But Not Always Organic

A new study from Stanford shows that organic food isn't necessarily more nutritious than conventionally produced food, and Jeff Pfitzer from Gaining Ground says he isn't surprised.


Wed August 29, 2012
Story Time

Martha Bell Miller Recounts Her Days As Mother Goose

Martha Bell Miller poses with her Rock City hat and stuffed goose in her room at St. Barnabas.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

Martha Bell Miller had a long career as a teacher in Hamilton County Schools, and a shorter career as a travel agent. But what most Chattanoogans probably know her for is her 20 year stint as Mother Goose.

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Wed August 29, 2012
Winner's Club

Steven Fox Returns To UTC After Big Win In Golf

Steven Fox holds the trophy he won at the U.S. Amateur golf championship in Denver. His name appears on the trophy with the likes of Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer.
Courtesy of UTC Office of University Relations

Steven Fox is a UTC business major and now, a golf star. He recently won the U.S. Amateur Championship in Denver.

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Mon August 27, 2012

La Paz To Honor Latino Leaders

La Paz Chattanooga will honor local Latino leaders at a luncheon on September 17.

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Wed August 22, 2012
Unheard History

Chattanooga MLK Interview Comes to Light, After More Than 50 Years

Dr. Martin Luther King gives his "I Have a Dream" speech on August 28, 1963, in Washington, D.C.
National Archives and Records Administration

A Chattanooga man recently discovered something in his attic that has caught the attention of the world: a never before heard recording of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Tue August 21, 2012
A New 'Do

Updos, French Rolls, Waterfalls: Styling Hair With Justine Jones

Justine Jones styles a customer's hair at her shop on Glass Street.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

Justine Jones owns Ashanti Hair Design in East Chattanooga. She starts by analyzing her customers' hair and face shape, and sometimes they give her instructions as simple as, "Tina, just go for it."

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Mon August 20, 2012

Bike Polo Group Is Here To Play... Not To Win

Bike polo players ride around an old tennis court with homemade mallets.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

A couple of times each week, about a dozen people gather at an old tennis court in Chattanooga. They're on bikes. They bring mallets. They're here to play bike polo.

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Wed August 15, 2012
Getting In Gear

Bike Share Has Slow Start, But Hopes Are High For Fall

Bikes are parked at the Oak Street station at UTC.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

About three weeks since opening to the public, the Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System has about 200 annual members. WUTC checks in with a couple of bike share members who already use the service regularly and Outdoor Chattanooga's bicycle coordinator.


Mon August 13, 2012
Made Whole Again

Volunteers Rebuild Warbird At Hixson Museum Of Flight

The newly-built T-28 is in the hangar at the Hixson Museum of Flight.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

In less than three weeks, volunteers pieced together an entire plane from parts. The T-28 has a rich history -- it flew in both the U.S. and Cambodian militaries.

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Thu August 9, 2012
Looks Like New

For Generations, Chattanoogans With Weary Soles Have Turned to Reginald Cousin

Reginald Cousin repairs shoes at his business Kenton Shoe Shop on Broad Street.
Mary Helen Miller WUTC

Reginald Cousin, owner of Kenton Shoe Shop on Broad Street, has been in the shoe repair business since 1959. He says, "Once you learn how to fix a shoe, you can always fix them."