Mary Helen Miller

Feature News Producer

Mary Helen Miller was a producer for Around and About from 2012 to 2013.  She now works at the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.

She's also worked in print journalism in New England and Washington, D.C., for few years, and she is a graduate of  Bowdoin College and Girls Preparatory School. She learned to produce radio stories at the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, Mass.



Tue May 15, 2012
Remembering the Tornado

A Long Night in the Dark

This photo shows damage near the home of Virginia and Tim Miller in Apison, Tenn., shortly after a tornado hit in April 2011.
Virginia and Tim Miller

On the anniversary of the April 27, 2011 tornadoes, we aired a story about a community that was hit particularly hard -- Apison, Tenn. Two of the voices in that piece belonged to Virginia and Tim Miller.

In this piece, we hear more from our conversation with the Millers. They talk about how their own yard became a crime scene on the night of the tornado, and how after that night, their relationship with their neighbors was changed forever.





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Mon May 14, 2012
Taste of Tennessee

From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine, Chefs Source Local Food for 'Harvested Here Week'

The local food advocacy group Gaining Ground is sponsoring "Harvested Here" restaurant week.
Gaining Ground

This week, at least 20 restaurants in the area have created special menus that revolve around local ingredients. It's "Harvested Here Restaurant Week," organized by the local food group, Gaining Ground.

In this segment, we hear from Lacie Stone, from Gaining Ground,  the chef at Hennen's, Matt Marcus, and the trout farmer who Marcus works with, Steve Pickett.


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Wed May 9, 2012
25 Years of Singing

Alumnae to Sing Along in Girls Choir 25th Spring Concert

The Chattanooga Girls Choir started 25 years ago. To celebrate the milestone, they're putting on a 25th anniversary concert. LuAnn Holden, the artistic director of the Girls Choir, talks about what to expect.

The concert is scheduled for May 12 at 3 p.m., at Ridgedale Baptist Church. Tickets are available at the door, or by phone at 423-296-1006. 



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Tue May 8, 2012


Mon May 7, 2012
Conceiving When It's Inconceivable

Treating Infertility: Local Specialist Discusses Options

It's not unusual for a couple to have trouble conceiving a child. In fact, every couple has up to a 15 percent lifetime chance of infertility. Still, it's difficulty for many people to ask for help. Dr. Jessica Scotchie is a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility in Chattanooga. She discusses the different causes of infertility and the different kind of treatment options available.



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Fri April 27, 2012
One Year Later

'Just Plumb Gone': A Year After the Tornado in Apison, Tenn.

This photo was taken near the home of Virigina and Tim Miller in Apison, Tenn., after a deadly tornado came through on April 27, 2011.
Credit Virginia and Tim Miller

A year ago, a series of deadly tornadoes came through the area and killed 81 people in the Chattanooga region. Apison, Tennessee, was one of the places that was hit particularly hard.

This piece was produced from interviews with residents of Apison who survived the tornado of April 27, 2011. You'll hear Virginia Miller and her husband Tim Miller, who made a horrific discovery in their yard, Bob Dasal, the pastor of Apison Baptist Church, Margie Hullander, who lost loved ones, and Kenny Carter, who was lifted out of his home by the winds.

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Wed April 4, 2012
When Animals Talk Back

Do Birds Have Theory of Mind? Irene Pepperberg Talks about her Work with Parrots

Dr. Irene Pepperberg has made breakthroughs in the field of animal cognition through her work with African Grey Parrots.
Mike Lovett

Dr. Irene Pepperberg is a leader in the field of animal cognition. She studies African Grey Parrots, and she teaches at Brandeis and Harvard.  Pepperberg recently came to Chattanooga to visit UTC. While she was here, she dropped in the studio to talk about her research.

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Tue April 3, 2012
Trash Into Cash? Well...

Junk for Sale (Not Garbage, Mind You)

Greg Ross runs the junk shop, Estate of Confusion, on Main Street.

Greg Ross runs Estate of Confusion, a junk shop on Main Street. The place is full of old tools, machine parts, and other curiosities. The inventory might look a little worn or rusty to most people. But this is a junk shop, after all, and it takes a certain kind of imaginative customer to see the true potential in all the junk.



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Fri March 30, 2012
PTA All-Star

Scottie Goodman Summerlin to Represent Tennessee at 'Mom Congress'

Scottie Goodman Summerlin will represent the state at an education conference in Washington D.C. later this month.

Scottie Goodman Summerlin is heading to Washington D.C. later this month as the Tennessee delegate for "Mom Congress." Parenting Magazine picked Summerlin for the education conference because of her involvement in the public school system in Tennessee. Summerlin talks about what the conference will be like and what Tennessee has to bring to the table.

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Wed March 28, 2012
Talking to Birds

Irene Pepperberg to Deliver Lecture on Communicating with Parrots

Dr. Irene Pepperberg can talk with parrots. Not just to them. She actually communicates with them. Pepperberg has taught African Gray Parrots to count, speak, and understand certain things. Her research has made her internationally known in the field of animal-human communication.

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Tue March 27, 2012
Cooking in Style

Junior League's 'Tour du Jour' to Feature Eight New Kitchens

One of the kitchens on this year's "Tour du Jour" features cabinets by Classic Cabinetry.
Courtesy of The Junior League of Chattanooga

The Junior League of Chattanooga is hosting its 7th annual kitchen tour on April 14th. It's a self-guided tour of new kitchens in the area.  Laurel Powell, the chair of the event, gives details about what will be featured on this year's tour.

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Mon March 26, 2012
Name that Frog

Different Croaks for Different...Frogs: Zoo to Teach Class on Frog Identifcation

Frog and toad populations are in decline around the world, and scientists in the U.S. rely on regular citizens to help keep track of population changes around the country. The Chattanooga Zoo is hosting a training session for people to learn how to identify local frogs and report their findings. Rick Jackson, who works with frogs at the zoo, explains what the training will be like and gives some on-air pointers for identifying local frogs.



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Wed March 21, 2012

Local Indie Filmmakers to Showcase Work at 'Open Screen Night'

The independent film group, Chattamovies, is hosting an open screen night. Independent filmmakers in the area will have a chance to show short films at the event on March 31 at the Heritage House in Chattanooga.

The event is free and open to the public. It will last about an hour and a half. Chattamovies is no longer taking submissions for this open screen night, but the group plans to host two more this year.

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Wed March 21, 2012
A Good Night's Sleep

Study Shows Transport Workers Don't Sleep Enough

About a quarter of train operators and pilots say that sleepiness impacts their job performance at least once a week, says a new study out from the National Sleep Foundation. 

Dr. Anuj Chandra, a Chattanooga sleep specialist, discusses the study's findings and gives tips for sleeping well.


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Wed March 21, 2012

Catholic Charities to Hold 30th Annual Fundraising Dinner

Catholic Charities is hosting its 30th annual fundraising dinner on March 29 at the Chattanooga Convention Center.  Christine Willingham, the site coordinator with Catholic Charities, talks about the event and what the organization does in the Chattanooga area.



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