Michael Edward Miller

Host/Feature News/Production Coordinator

A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Michael Edward Miller hosts Around and About.  His favorite radio programs and podcasts include This American Life, Radiolab and The Moth.  He and his wife Rachel are both Chattanooga natives. 



Mon February 10, 2014

The Latest: Concerns from Voters, Workers, Lawmakers on Volkswagen Chattanooga Union Vote

Poll Shows Concern About Union’s Effects

Nooga.com conducted a poll of Hamilton County voters, and found that 55% of them believe if United Auto Workers unionize the local plant, it will have a negative impact on economic development.  About four hundred voters answered questions for the survey.

Union Vote a Hot Topic on Chattanooga Reddit

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Fri February 7, 2014
Pediatric Health Series

Here Are Two Major Health Problems Facing Chattanooga Kids

Pediatricians and community leaders have formed a new group called the Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition for the Tennessee Valley, which is working on a strategic plan for long-term solutions to pediatric healthcare problems.  “The Chattanooga region's children are among the unhealthiest in Tennessee and the nation,” according to

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Mon February 3, 2014
Charles & 'Charge'

Southern Lit: A Long Conversation with Charles McNair

Charles McNair's first novel, Land O' Goshen, was published in 1994 and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  McNair spent nearly two decades writing and rewriting his next book, Pickett's Charge.

Nominated for a 2014 Townsend Prize for Fiction, Pickett's Charge is the story of 114-year-old Civil War veteran Threadgill Pickett, who escapes from an Alabama nursing home and embarks on a wild, absurd, tragic quest for vengeance.

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Mon January 27, 2014

Elizabeth Cline Unravels the ‘Fast Fashion’ Industry in ‘Overdressed'

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, Cline's lecture at Dalton State College on 1/30 has been canceled and will be rescheduled.

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Fri January 24, 2014

CTC Performs Gender-Bending 'Odd Couple' 1/24 - 2/16

Two versions of the Neil Simon Comedy "The Odd Couple" -- one featuring men and the other women -- are presented in repertory at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre beginning Friday, January 24, for 14 performances. Pictured here, the leads from both productions are (seated, left to right) the messy ones -- Carlene Conway as Olive and Zach DeSutter as Oscar; and (standing) the neat ones -- Katlyn Gabor as Florence and Sanford Knox as Felix.
Credit Contributed photo

Throughout the next few weeks, the Chattanooga Theatre Centre will perform two different versions of Neil Simon's classic The Odd Couple--both the well-known version with two male leads, and a newer rewrite featuring two female leads. 

From a media release:

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Mon January 20, 2014

Technology, Telepathy & Uploading Memories: Dr. Michio Kaku Previews ‘The Future of the Mind’

Kaku in February 2012
Credit Campus Party Brasil / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Dr. Michio Kaku’s new book The Future Of The Mind: The Scientific Quest To Understand, Enhance, And Empower The Mind will be released in February.   He’ll visit the Chattanooga State Community College campus on January 23rd to give Scenic City residents a preview of his new book.

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Wed January 15, 2014

Free Symphony/Pipe Organ Concert at First Centenary 1/16

First Centenary United Methodist Church is hosting a concert featuring the Chattanooga Symphonic Orchestra, Dr. Walker Breland and David Patton on Thursday, January 16th at 7 p.m.  The concert is free and open to the public.  Early arrival is encouraged.

From a media release:

First-Centenary United Methodist Church is hosting an Organ Celebration Concert on Thursday, January 16 at 7:00 p.m.

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Fri January 10, 2014
Develop CENTS

New Chattanooga IT Company Supports Nonprofits

Covenant College alumnus David White recently launched Develop CENTS, an IT company that's worked with several Chattanooga nonprofits.  In this interview with WUTC's Michael Edward Miller, White talks about nonprofit organizations' computer security needs, as well as his own background in community development.

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Mon January 6, 2014

Iron Woman: Dr. Danielle Mitchell Launches Sports Institute

Dr. Danielle Mitchell, a Chattanooga physician and iron man competitor, recently founded the Chattanooga Sports Institute and Center for Health.  In this interview, she shares how Weight Watchers and exercise transformed her from morbidly obese into a marathon runner.  

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Fri January 3, 2014
Best New Read

History Speaks in ‘Voices of Cherokee Women’

Voice of Cherokee Women, edited by Carolyn Ross Johnston. John F. Blair, Publisher.

Carolyn Ross Johnston edited Voices of Cherokee Women, which recounts hundreds of years of Cherokee history through primary documents such as letters, diary entries, oral history transcriptions and newspaper articles.  These documents vividly demonstrate how events such as the arrival of European missionaries, the Trail of Tears and the Civil War affected Cherokee women.

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Mon December 30, 2013

The UNFoundation Funds ‘Cool Ideas’ (Like This Musical Quilt)

Yang and David Welch received a $1000 grant from the UNFoundation to buy supplies for their musical quilt. Made of both regular and special piezoresistive fabric, the quilt contains wires, LEDS and is connected to a laptop. When touched, the quilt can light up and make sounds.

Since its start in 2011, the UNFoundation has awarded 23 micro-grants to various people and projects in Chattanooga, such as a ukulele camp at the Folk School, a cookbook that features native plant recipes and a quilt that plays music.  Their slogan is, “We Fund Cool Ideas In Chattanooga!”

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Fri December 20, 2013
Happy Birthday, Ruby Falls

Millions Have Made the Underground Journey, But Lambert Did It First

Ruby Falls, inside Lookout Mountain, in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Credit Jtesla16 / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

In 1928, cave explorer Leo Lambert went on a long journey underground... so long that his wife thought he might have died.  He was gone so long because he'd discovered something unexpected: a waterfall inside Lookout Mountain.

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Mon December 16, 2013
Storyteller Series

Peyton Miller Recalls A 'Failed Existential Moment'

Chattanooga resident Peyton Miller joins us for the latest edition of WUTC’s Storyteller Series.  This tale involves an island, a screaming girl in a Porta-Potty, and St. Augustine’s City of God.

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Fri December 13, 2013

9-Month Chattanooga Shootings Investigation Concludes; TFP to Publish ‘Speak No Evil’ on Sunday

Reporters from the Chattanooga Times Free Press pored over hundreds of court documents and conducted more than 150 interviews for a special report, "Speak No Evil."  The report examined about 300 shootings in Chattanooga.  Often, after a shooting, no one is arrested—even if witnesses saw it happen.  If a shooter is arrested and prosecuted, he or she may spent only a short time in prison.  That’s because witnesses are often unwilling to cooperate with police.

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Mon December 9, 2013

St. Elmo Holiday Hop Features Food, Art, Open Houses & More 12/14

WUTC’s Michael Edward Miller speaks with John-Michael Forman from Forman Pottery and Molly Gardner from Molly Gardner Photography about the upcoming St. Elmo Holiday Hop.

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