5th Annual Connecting the Dots Summit Held in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN – This year's Summit focused on connecting the dots between the "Ready By 21 initiative and local art organizations, social agencies, and interested community members.

Chattanooga is one of five cities chosen to be a part of Ready by 21 SouthEast Challenge.

The City of Chattanooga Department of Education, Arts and Culture in partnership with Allied Arts and the United Way of Greater Chattanooga held this year's summit on May 20th to "introduce artists, social-service agencies, and community members to the common language of community-based assets," according to Be Magazine.

The summit included a workshop presented by Leslie Scearce, Executive Director of the On Point organization featuring "40 Elements of Healthy Development" for youth based on research by the Search Institute of Minnesota.

On Point is a non-profit organization started 17 years ago after reports that youth violence, drug abuse and teen-age pregnancy were on the rise in Chattanooga and North West Georgia. On Point works with 13,000 youth annually to build self-esteem and to empower the young to make positive choices in life.