911, Cracked & the 'End of All Magic’: A Conversation with Author Jeff Hewitt

Jul 2, 2014

Former 911 dispatcher Jeff Hewitt writes fiction, humor, horror and more.  He co-wrote an article for Cracked.com, “5 Terrible Things I Learned As A 911 Dispatcher,” which currently has more than one million page views.  Popular horror podcasts Pseudopod dramatized his short story “Face Change,” with actor Anson Mount reading it.

Hewitt also writes novels.  His latest one, At the End of All Magic, is a fast-paced fantasy tale about a world called Aethero where magic exists, but only one wizard is believed to be left alive.

Alone and bitter, the wizard is reduced to performing party tricks for a tyrannical king… until the day the wizard finds an unexpected chance to escape the tyrant’s rule and discover if he’s really the last magician in the world.