Amputee Ran in 5 Marathons After Loss of Leg

Jul 11, 2013

Jack Richmond did not let the loss of one leg keep him from racing and now he motivates other amputees to embrace the technology that will help them run again. 

Jack Richmond with his tension spring running leg on left and computer enhanced leg with functional ankle pictured on right.
Credit Rabbit Zielke

After the loss of his leg in a forklift accident the former bicycle racer learned to run and eventually participated in 5 marathons with the use of a tension spring based prosthetic leg.  The bombs at the Boston Marathon this past spring touched him deeply because Richmond completed the Boston Marathon a few years ago and finished about the same time as the bombs went off.  Richmond recalled his hopes that the runners who lost their legs would recover and run in marathons again.  The technology and advancement in prosthetic devices encourages active sports for the amputee.

Jack Richmond often visits people in the hospital who have just lost a limb.  The Amputee Coalition pairs recent amputees with people like Richmond that have adjusted to life without a limb and can provide hope along with a network of resources to assist with the transition.