This App Could ‘Nudge’ Users Toward Healthier Lifestyles

Jun 19, 2014

The Nudge app is a free download in iTunes and the Google Play store.

Plenty of apps already exist to collect a health-conscious person’s data.  RunKeeper, FitBit and MapMyFitness can all track how often a person takes a walk, how far he or she runs, how often he or she sleeps, and more.  Some apps can also connect with wearables, such a smart watch that measures someone’s heart rate.

Nudge isn’t intended to replace those apps.  Instead, it aggregates data from all those different apps and creates one simple score (a Nudge Factor) that gives someone a quick baseline for how healthy he or she is living.

Chattanooga entrepreneurs created the app, and they’ve now left the Scenic City to find additional funding.  One of those creators, Phil Beene, joins us to discuss how the app works and how it allows users to compare their scores to other users’ scores (there’s nothing like a little peer pressure to get someone motivated).