Art Outside the Bag at the Creative Discovery Museum

Jun 3, 2014

The Creative Discovery Museum has started a new installation art project that will bring temporary art projects inside and outside of the museum spaces. 

Baggs McKelvey Creating Art From Recycled Bags.
Credit Rabbit Zielke

Baggs McKelvey believes in recycling so much that she keeps reusing old plastic shopping bags over and over again, but first she cuts them up.  Some of the strips of plastic have been tied into rope and reused in many art installations over the past decade.  The current piece was in construction when I spoke with Baggs, and it stretches the strips of tied plastic up and down, over and across, to form a canopy in the corner of the Creative Discovery Museum.  Most of the strips of recycled plastic bags are above guests' heads, but one corner of the installation dips low enough for children to get close and see what she has used to make her art come alive.  The piece will remain on exhibit through August.