'Beauty Is Embarrassing' Star Drops By WUTC

Oct 12, 2012

The documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing tells Wayne White's story.  White, who grew up in Hixson in the 1970's, longed to leave Chattanooga and become an artist.  After college, he moved to New York City and wound up as an Emmy-winning set designer and puppeteer on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.  He also was the art director for Peter Gabriel's Big Time music video.

In this extended interview, White talks to WUTC's Richard Winham and Garrett Crowe about the "Pee-Wee generation" and the lasting impact of his art.  The documentary will be screened at Chattanooga's Wynnsong 10 theater from Oct 12th - 18th.  White will talk to fans after the 6:50 p.m. screenings on Saturday and Sunday.