The 'Color of Christ' and The Civil War: A Conversation With Edward J. Blum

Sep 13, 2013

Publisher's Weekly named The Color of Christ as one of the best religion books of 2012.  

Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey's The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America  explains why so many Americans have historically thought of Jesus Christ as white.

Although the Bible gives no indication of Jesus's race, wildly opposed groups like pro-slavery advocates, abolitionists, Civil Rights leaders and white supremacists have justified claiming Christ as their own.  The book explains the history and theology behind such different viewpoints.

Blum will visit the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on Thursday, September 19th to give a lecture, "Satan was the First Secessionist: Devil Talk and the American Civil War.”  It will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the University Center's Raccoon Mountain Room, and is presented by Departments of Philosophy and Religion and History and the LeRoy Martin Distinguished Lecturer Series.  The lecture is free and open to the public.