‘Dark Princess Theatre’ Podcast Blends Horror & Comedy

Aug 27, 2014

Hope Holloway and Marcus Ellsworth star in "Dark Princess Theatre." Holloway plays Lady Gwendolyn, and Ellsworth plays Alestaire and is the head writer for the episodic audio play.

Produced in Chattanooga, Dark Princess Theatre is a serialized audio play set in the fictitious town of Ashwood, where the undead Lady Gwendolyn, her psychotic butler Aleistaire, a semi-retired Southern Grim Reaper and other characters live together in the spooky Hourglass Manor.  Sometimes Lovecraftian, sometimes Seinfeldian, the show skewers genre tropes.

Hope Holloway (who plays Lady Gwendolyn) and Marcus Ellsworth (headwriter/Aleistaire) join us to talk about the podcast, which is available at their Web site and through iTunes.

In addition to the podcast, they put on live performances.

From their Web site:

Dark Princess Theatre is a Horror Hosting/Live Interactive Event/Multimedia/Performing Troupe centered around the misadventures and murderous intentions of the undead Lady Gwendolyn and her house full of monsters. Performing in the Chattanooga, TN area but primarily located in the little known town of Ashwood. Don't worry, you've probably never been there. If you have, you probably wouldn't be reading this. Not with your eyes anyway. No. They wouldn't be your eyes anymore.