Dennis Palmer, ‘Truly Larger Than Life'

Mar 28, 2013


Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee will host memorial performances on March 29th and 30th.

  In this half-hour special produced by WUTC 88.1 FM, Richard Winham, Mike Miller, Bob Stagner, Bruce Kaplan, Ann Law, David Smotherman and Tom Landis remember Dennis Palmer, who passed away unexpectedly in February 2013.  Palmer and Stagner co-founded the Shaking Ray Levis, an influential avant-garde improvisational music duo active in Chattanooga and around the world since the 1980s.  Palmer was also a visual artist, teacher and storyteller. 

Barking Legs Theater will host live performances on Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 in memory of Palmer.  Proceeds will help complete several unfinished music projects Palmer left behind.

Details at Barking Legs Theater's Web site.