FEMA begins making contact with residents

Catoosa County, GA – From a recent media release:

According to Catoosa County Manager Mike Helton FEMA representatives will begin to make initial visits to damaged homes in the area by Thursday.

"Each and every resident who suffered any damage to their home should register," he said. "Even if you were nearby and your house was not touched you might discover six months from now you have some serious roof leaks that were not apparent initially. If you have not registered you will not be able to go back and receive assistance.

"Any residents displaced by the tornado or its aftermath. Renters should register if the house or apartment they were living in was damaged or they had to leave for outside housing," he said.

The county and city wants to caution residents that each representative from FEMA will have an official photo ID with FEMA or The Department of Homeland Security with them when they come to your door.

"Often there are those that come in an area after a disaster to try to con or swindle homeowners by claiming they are with an official agency," he said. "Always ask to see the ID. No representative from FEMA who visits your home will ask for a social security number or a bank account number, however when you go to register at the Catoosa County Learning Center or use the computer or the telephone to register you will have to provide that information."

City Manager Dan Wright said caution is the best approach.

"Protect your information, unless you initiate the contact with a representative," he said.

Wright said many organizations are helping within the community and most are working through the volunteer structure provided by the cooperative volunteer coordinator housed now at the Ringgold United Methodist Church.

The FEMA Individual Assistance Disaster Recovery Center is at the Catoosa County Adult Learning Center at 36 Muscogee Trail, Ringgold, Georgia 30736 on the Benton Place Campus. The facility is established to provide assistance to individuals and families impacted by the recent tornado in the Ringgold-Catoosa County area. The facility will be operational between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Eastern time.

Individuals may also apply on the web at www.DisasterAssistance.gov, or by calling 1(800) 621-3362 or hearing impaired at TTY number 1(800) 462-7585.
Please contact the Catoosa County or Ringgold Help Line at either (706) 965-7138 or (706) 965-7139 for further information.