Free Lunch for Thursday, July 10

Chattanooga, TN – Thursday's Free Lunch will be the Tuscon Az, based Calexico. Their new album titled Feast of Wire will be aired in its entirety at noon on Thursday, July 10.

Fans of Calexico are drawn to the group's varying styles of music. On Feast of Wire, all of the songs seem to gather their roots from various musical backgrounds. Songs such as Stevie Nicks, and Sunken Waltz exemplify Calexico's varying stylistic influences.

Formed in 1994, by musicians Joey Burns and John Convertino, Feast of Wire is the band's fourt studio album. Burns primary instruments are the cello and organ, whereas Convertino is the resident percussionist.

Critics have nothing but praise for Feast of Wire, having this to say:

Seductive, stirring songs about crushed hope and the corruption of beauty and some of their most ambitious arrangements make this their most fully-realised and accomplished album yet. -Mojo Magazine

This album solidifies their standing as one of the most endearingly idiosyncratic bands on the American scene.

Their music is an intoxicatingly vivid evocation of the mythology of the American west and its Hispanic heritage, and Feast of Wire lays down an optimistically early marker as one of the albums of the year. -Uncut Magazine

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