Free Lunch for Thursday, July 3

Chattanooga, TN – Every Tuesday and Thursday, WUTC offers something special to midday listeners. The Free Lunch program is the broadcast of an entire album, concert, or radio interview for your listening pleasure.

On Thursday, July 03, 2003 the Free Lunch will feature a radio interview with the members of the Alt. Country band Uncle Tupelo. This interview discusses the formation and demise of the legendary group with interviews with the band's three members: Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, and Mike Heidorn.

Uncle Tupelo is known for their unique fusion of a hard alternative sound with the twang of country music. This format would later become known as, simply Alternative Country. The band paved the way for a variety of Alt. Country bands and their new sound was deeply influential to such acts like REM and the Jayhawks.

Member Jeff Tweedy, is responsible for forming the Uncle Tupelo hybrid band, Wilco. Other band members, Farrar and Heidorn have successful solo-careers.

Although brief, the band's career was revolutionary. Their first album, No Depression managed to merge two very distinct sounds into one. With subsequent releases, Uncle Tupelo proved that they were a permanent fixture in the music world. However, while touring in 1994, the differences between the band mates were too much to handle. After only 7 years and 4 albums, Uncle Tupelo was no more.

In this interview, titled the Long Cut, Lauren Frey interviews all of the band members as they discuss their brief tenure in Uncle Tupelo.

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