Free Lunch for Thursday, September 4th

Chattanooga, TN – Thursday's Free Lunch offers the sonic charged pop of Grandaddy. Their latest album Sumday, released on V2 records, is an oceanic pop odyssey of the highest degree.

Formed in Modesto Ca, in 1992 Grandaddy started as your typical edgy indie rock band. It wasn't until the addition of guitarist, Jim Fairchild and keyboardist, Jim Dryden. The already stellar line-up of Jason Lytle, Kevin Garcia, and Aaron Burtch completed the band and allowed an opportunity to form their unique sound.

Their appearance is, for lack of a better word, unique as well. Every band member dons a healthy beard giving them the appearance of schizophrenic lumberjacks. But their music is a bit tamer than their appearance.

Sumday is a beautiful album and we're proud to offer it up to you as part of our weekly Free Lunch. The entire album will be played at noon on Thursday, September 4, 2003.

You simply must visit Grandaddy's website at