Graffiti Gallery Showing Marionette Exhibit Until 1/6/14

Dec 9, 2013

The marionettes of Guatemalan artist Verónica Giracca will be on display at Graffiti through January 6, 2014. 

Guatemalan artist Verónica Giracca's marionetas on display at Graffiti, a Hill City Art Joint through January 6, 2014.
Credit Axel Dettoni / Verónica Giracca

The hand made marionettes are not made to just be displayed, but each puppet is designed to be used and set in motion.  The display of marionettes at Graffiti ranges from drunken pirates, tuxedo-clad musicians, ballerinas, and rock stars.  There are princes and belly dancers, monsters and Zorro.  All of the marionettes are designed and made by an architect turned artist Verónica Giracca.