Hashe Signing Copies of 'The Ex Club Tong Pang' 1/18

Jan 14, 2014

In the time she’s been living in Chattanooga, Janis Hashe has established a reputation as a theatrical director—she established a repertory company, Shakespeare Chattanooga, that has successfully presented a number of plays. She has worked as an editor for the local weekly, The Pulse. She’s  taught classes on theatre at Chattanooga State, as well as leading informal seminars on among others, Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in a local teashop. And now she's  published a novel. When Richard Winham first talked to Janis Hashe back in November about her first novel, The Ex Club Tong Pang, it had just been published as an e-book. It’s now available as a paperback, and Janis Hashe will be signing copies at The Winder Binder Gallery on Frazier Avenue on Saturday, January 18th.