I Married a Serial Killer

Nov 11, 2014

Joy Krause has just finished making her first documentary film. She was inspired to make a film herself after taking a class on documentary films here at UTC. She’d come back to school after having spent most of her life running her own business. She had no intention of becoming a filmmaker when she first enrolled here, but after seeing a film in which a woman began a relationship with—and eventually married—a man on death row, she was intrigued. She says that she became consumed with curiosity about why someone would be interested in having any relationship at all with someone on death row.

The film will be screened on November 18.

From a media release:

Serial Killer Groupies – A Love Story 

Tuesday, November 18

Noon and 6 pm

University Center Auditorium

Free Admission

Seating is limited. RSVP recommended at: SerialKillerGroupies.com

Serial Killer Groupies – A Love Story is a film exposè about women who inexplicably become infatuated with serial killers. This film explores an underground community inhabited by some of the world’s most attractive, successful and intelligent women. The movie features exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with four women who experience a love connection with a convicted serial killer