Local Author Adds Southern Humor to Mystery Crime Series

Mar 19, 2014

Gretchen Archer starts her day on Lookout Mountain well before sunrise, putting words to paper that will eventually become the next book in the Davis Way Crime Caper Series

Gretchen Archer, Author of the Davis Way Crime Caper Series.
Credit Gretchen Archer

Archer's books are written completely from the point of view of one character.  Sometimes flippant, sometimes completely serious, the internal monolog of Davis Way is sprinkled with real world encounters as she solves mysteries and finds the criminals.   The books in the Davis Way Crime Caper Series are liberally sprinkled with southern humor and provide for a fun read; but you still have to pay attention to keep up with multiple plot lines that cross more and more as the story progresses.  So far Archer has published 2 books in the series with the 3rd book due to release in October.  You can find Double Whammy and Double Dip at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.