'Mama's Got Mail': Mom Of Four Runs Home Business

May 8, 2013

Shannon Rinckey enjoys being a stay at home mom and caring for her four young children while also running her business, Mama's Got Mail, which sends surprise gifts to moms.

Shannon Rinckey at home with her children.
Credit Rabbit Zielke

Motherhood did not come easily to Rinckey, and she overcame her feelings of isolation by reaching out to other stay at home moms through her blog on the internet.  The blog posts are warm, conversational, and provide easy tips to keep things running smoothly at home and all coming from a young woman armed with a Master's degree in Counseling and an innate desire to help others.

Mama's Got Mail started with the idea that mothers deserve treats, too, and getting that special "me time" is not always an easy accomplishment when young children require so much attention.  The monthly subscription boxes contain surprises designed to celebrate the woman, encourage the artist, and stage a small escape without having to leave the house.  There are also self-check-lists that provide a chance for thinking more deeply as an individual (and not just as the mom, housekeeper, wife, chauffeur, cook, laundress and destroyer of monsters that the position of mother often requires.)  Rinckey prepares and ships the packages from her home between her own housework, homeschooling, and play time with her four young children.