McCurry and Blain's "New Imagery" Featured at River Gallery

McCurry and Blain?s ?New Imagery? Featured at River Gallery

Michael Edward Miller

Chattanooga, TN – One of the most interesting aspects of clay is that, after it's been fired in a kiln, it can look like practically anything. It might end up with a smooth, glossy finish that almost resembles a piece of glass. Or an artist might pick up a knife and score the clay; slice it and hack at it and abuse it, until it looks like jagged stone, or even bark off a tree.

The two sculptors showing this month at Chattanooga's River Gallery demonstrate that-the range of clay.

Holden McCurry is from Asheville, North Carolina, and he makes small boats that appear to be made of real wood, although it's actually clay.

Sandy Blain is from Tempe, Arizona, and is a former professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Her clay sculptures are often functional-real cups, plates and pitchers that can be used at the table.

In this interview, both artists discuss why they keep using clay as an artistic medium.