Nerd Wars Becomes Geek Noosphere

Jul 24, 2014 is a website for fiber enthusiasts and within the forums and discussion groups of this world wide network there are many competitions.  Nerd Wars: Geek Noosphere is a quarterly tournament that gathers teams of fiber enthusiasts to compete in a series of challenges. 

In 2012 we spoke with Elise Adams Taylor, the founder of Nerd Wars.  Today we phoned Portland Maine to touch base with Elise and find out what has changed.

Each tournament features 5 challenges that change each round. Participants complete projects with extra points awarded if they can tie in to their team theme.  For example, in the Encyclopedia challenge of  Tournament 11 Round 2,  you create something inspired by a method of telling time.  A knitter can add cables that represent an hourglass to their project and for the team of book lovers called 1 More Page they can tie their project to any book that references an hourglass.  Crafters compete by completing knit, crochet, spinning, dyeing or weaving projects.  You can find more information online at