Next Crop of Electric Linemen Train in Trenton, GA

Jan 15, 2013

Students at the Southeast Lineman Training Center in Trenton, GA, look on as one student practices making a repair at the top of a pole.
Credit Mary Helen Miller / WUTC

The Southeast Lineman Training Center opened in Trenton, GA, in 2000 to train new electric power workers. Since then, enrollment has grown with the demand for training.

Line work may be an old profession, but it's still relevant. This fall, Hurricane Sandy reminded us again how vulnerable our overhead electric power lines can be.  These days, new lines being built are sometimes installed underground where they’re less prone to damage. But, underground lines can be expensive, and the vast majority of our power lines are still overhead.

WUTC's Mary Helen Miller visited the Southeast Lineman Training Center near the beginning and end of its most recent 15-week term.