Ninth Annual Go!Fest is Saturday, September 23rd at Chattanooga Zoo

Sep 18, 2013

Go!Fest is an annual celebration for everyone. Too often people with disabilities are left out of the party because it’s assumed they can’t or won’t fit in. But as anyone who has attended Go!Fest for the past eight years can attest, that’s all wrong. Most people with a disability—physical or intellectual—want nothing more than to be treated just like anybody else.

For the past eight years, Go!Fest — a free day at the Chattanooga Zoo with a myriad activities including wheelchair basketball and a ‘touch-a truck – has been bringing the able bodied together with the disabled for a block party at the zoo. It’s also an opportunity for anyone looking for answers to a range of questions about educational opportunities, health resources and assistive technology. Go!Fest takes place at the Chattanooga Zoo on Saturday, September 23rd from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.