Physican Bands Battle in 'Med Rock' Competition 3/1

Feb 24, 2014

Linda Benton from the Chattanooga Hamilton County Medical Alliance joins us to talk about Med Rock, a battle of the bands that benefits a scholarship fund.

From a media release:

Physicians are often recognized for their ‘healing hands,’ but on Saturday, March 1st, local physicians will take to the stage at the Hush Hush Club  and put their hands (and voices) to work in a totally different way.  Med Rock - A Battle of the Physician Bands will feature a line-up of five local bands - each with a member of a the medical community  performing.    Audience vote will determine the winner of the night’s performances. 

“Med Rock was inspired by a similar event held in Knoxville,” says Kristi Bonvallet, President of the Chattanooga Hamilton County Medical Society Alliance, sponsor of the event.  “Our medical community has a wealth of talented musicians so we knew we could stage an event that would be amazing.”

The Medical Society Alliance is an organization of physician spouses whose mission is to improve the health and welfare of the Chattanooga community.  Members of the organization are actively involved with the Battered Women’s Shelter/Partnership for Families and Children and also with a national abuse prevention program called “Hands are Not for Hitting.”  The Med Rock event will establish a scholarship fund for college-bound kids of healthcare workers.  “Patient care is really a team effort,” says Anita Headrick, chairperson of  this year’s Med Rock.  “This scholarship is the medical community’s way of showing appreciation to the many nurses, lab techs, therapists, etc. who such an important part of the overall healthcare team.”   Memorial Hospital, the Medical Foundation of Chattanooga,  and several other businesses and practices are sponsors of the event.

Dr. Brett Sanders, a orthopedic surgeon with the Center for Sports Medicine is one of the participating physicians.   “I am excited to a part of this event,” says Dr. Sanders.  “Medicine can be very stressful and I think many physicians find music  is a great stress reliever.”    Though music and medicine  may seem worlds apart, Sanders says they really are not. “Each require dedication, practice, meticulous timing and hard work, but music allows a physician to be free-spirited and creative.”

Event coordinators say less than 100 tickets are available and can only be purchased online at   For additional information, visit