Raptography on November 10th at Audubon Acres

Oct 23, 2013

Wings to Soar is hosting a photography workshop and personal encounter with birds of prey at Audubon Acres on Sunday, November 10th from 9 :00 am to 5:00 pm.  

Gilbert is an American Kestrel and is cared for by Wings to Soar.
Credit Dianne Blankenbaker

Wings to Soar is a nonprofit environmental education organization that cares for birds of prey that cannot survive in the wild.  The Raptography workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to see and hold birds of prey.  Photographing these birds in the wild is challenging and the workshop provides tips and tricks to capture these animals on film.  If you register before October 31 and enter the code NPR you will receive a $50 discount.