Sybil Baker's New Novel Unearths Family Secrets In South Korea

May 17, 2012

Sybil Baker's new novel, Into This World, will be released on May 23rd.  It's about a young woman named Allison Morehouse, who uncovers secrets about her adopted sister, Mina.  When Mina travels to South Korea to find her birth mother, Allison is sent to find Mina and bring her back home.  But when Allison arrives, she realizes that Mina--and Mina's life in South Korea--are nothing like Allison imagined.  As Allison immerses herself in the culture and her sister's life, she discovers surprising truths about herself and her sister.

Winder Binder, a bookstore on the North Shore in Chattanooga, will host a release party on May 23rd at 7 p.m.  More information about the novel, the launch party and Sybil Baker's other books is online.