Team Artifact Brings New Art, Revitalized Studio To Duncan Avenue

Jun 19, 2012

Eric Smith's sculpture 'Fly Again, Baby Bird' was created with a real, tiny, mummified bird.  It's just one unusual thing at Team Artifact's studio.

Five artists work together at Team Artifact--an artistic blacksmith, a scientist who creates "archival combustion" artwork (expressed in the motorcycles he's restoring), a painter/sculptor who works in wood, and a potter and a glass blower who recently got married.  In this segment, they talk about what it's like sharing their studio on Duncan Avenue, how they transformed the space from an old electrical shop to an art gallery, and how they use well-publicized events, rather than regular gallery hours, to bring in customers.

Their next event is coming up June 23rd.  They say it's a book fair showcasing different artistic ideas about  what books can be.  Author David George Haskell will be at the event reading from his latest work of nonfiction, The Forest Unseen.