Tennessee’s New Breast Density Law Effective July 1, 2014

Jun 25, 2014

From a media release:

Memorial Health Care System’s new technology improves lesions and mass detection in women with dense breast.

Dense breast tissue can make cancer harder to detect on a traditional mammogram, which increases the risk of a late-stage diagnosis in many women, according to the American Cancer Society. The new Tennessee state law effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014, will require mammography radiologists to notify women of their breast density and offer other screening options in addition to their routine mammograms.

Memorial offers tomosynthesis (also known as 3D mammography) which is different from traditional mammogram in the same way a CT scan of the chest is different from a standard chest X-ray. A digital mammogram takes a two-dimensional photo of the breast. With tomosynthesis, a series of images from multiple angles are taken and converted to a three-dimensional image.

These images are constructed into slices and the series can be viewed individually or as a whole breast. This allows Memorial radiologists to obtain a more comprehensive picture of the breast tissue, where it improves visibility of lesions, increased ability to size and stage masses and improve visualization and detection of women with dense breasts, reducing call backs, and providing women with a greater piece of mind.

Breast tomosynthesis clinic research has shown:

*   A reduction in patient call backs for tradition mammography.

*   Improves lesion visualization over traditional mammography.

*   Increased ability to identify size and stage of masses

*   Improved visualization and detection of masses and lesions in women with dense   breasts.

Researchers believe that this new breast imaging technique will make breast cancers easier to see in dense breast tissue and will make breast screening more comfortable.

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