UAW Withdraws Objections to February Union Election at VW Plant

Apr 23, 2014

Moments before a hearing with the National Labor Relations Board was to convene attorneys for the UAW withdrew objections to the results of a February union vote at the Volkswagen Group of America assembly plant in Chattanooga Tennessee. 

The objections alleged that the results of the VW employee election were influenced by State politicians.  Comments made by Senator Corker, Governor Haslam, and other State politicians implied the $300 million incentive package offered by the State of Tennessee would not pass the Legislature if the VW plant became part of the union.  The incentive package is being discussed as an inducement to bring VW's new SUV assembly plant to Chattanooga.  The UAW lost the election by a slim margin.  Opponents to the union were prepared to defend the election results in the courtroom.   

The Volkswagen Group of America has stated the decision on location of the new SUV assembly line would not be impacted by the election outcomes.