Vintage Base Ball Double Header Scheduled for Father's Day at Engel Stadium

Jun 12, 2014

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball will be batting balls in Engel Stadium with a double header scheduled on Sunday, June 15th starting at noon. 

Vintage Base Ball Follows 19th Century Rules.
Credit Richard Compton

Four teams from the Nashville area will be coming to the Scenic City to  play some baseball, but this won't be your typical nine innings on the summer field.  Vintage "base ball" is played with rules and customs from 1864.  The first difference you may notice is the uniforms.  They are replicas of vintage uniforms.  You might also notice they are not using gloves.  There are several more differences from the modern game of baseball that will be explained and demonstrated at the games. 

Admission and parking is free.  Sticky Fingers will be on site to provide concessions.  Proceeds from the concession stand will benefit Engel Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Engel Stadium.