Whackos at the Tennessee Aquarium

Jan 15, 2014

The whimsical glass art of Stephen Rolfe Powell is on display at the Tennessee Aquarium through a collection of glass sculptures known as Whackos

Startled Salacious Pouncer by Stephen Rolfe Powell, part of the Whacko Collection.
Credit Stephen Rolfe Powell

Each Whacko is crafted by a team of glass artists under Powell's direction in his studio in Danville Kentucky.    These large scale glass sculptures contain hundreds of murrini, small pieces of color that are worked into the base glass of each piece.  Powell pulls, bends and shapes the glass into fanciful shapes that show off the vibrant colors selected for each individual work.  The display at the Tennessee Aquarium provides ample lighting that allows the colors of each Whacko to shine through. 

The exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium is presented in collaboration with the Hunter Museum of American Art