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Around and About is a Chattanooga, Tennessee public radio show featuring news, interviews, and arts coverage. The show's host and reporters cover human-interest stories, Southern literature and current events & issues affecting the Tennessee Valley. 

Many guests are Chattanooga residents; others are national authors, experts and celebrities speaking on topics relevant to our community. The show is broadcast Wednesdays on WUTC NPR 88.1 FM, and the podcast is available here.

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Interview with Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang

Michael Edward Miller

A Halloween Treat: Interview With John Hornor Jacobs, Author Of Southern Gods

Michael Edward Miller

Chattanooga, TN – Southern Gods is a new twist on an old idea--the trope about blues singers going to the crossroads at midnight and selling their souls to the Devil. In this story, instead of Satan, the supernatural forces that posses blues musicians are ancient, malevolent, pan-dimensional gods.