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Wed June 13, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Family Night Brings Diverse Musical Styles to Riverbend

Burning Alter performs Tuesday night at Riverbend

Family night at Riverbend featured traditional gospel singers, such as 15-year-old Mallory Ledford.  But hard rockers Burning Alter also performed.





Wed June 13, 2012
Glass Half Full

Glass House Gets $300,000 Grant For Art in East Chattanooga

Glass Street in East Chattanooga is the home of Glass House Collective, an organization with plans to bring art and commerce to the area.
Courtesy of Glass House Collective

Glass House Collective, which opened up on East Chattanooga's Glass Street at the beginning of the year, just got news of a $300,000 ArtPlace grant. The collective plans to use the money to commission art projects in its neighborhood. Director of Glass House Katherine Currin and local artist Kevin Bate talk about the grant.


Tue June 12, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Lionel Young Unplugged

Lionel Young performs at the Lindsay Street Hall

A short feature/performance.  Lionel Young played "St. Louis Blues" during an unplugged set at the Lindsay Street Hall the afternoon before the Bessie Smith Strut.  Click here to listen.



Tue June 12, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Hadden Sayers: Performance & Interview at the Bessie Smith Strut

Hadden Sayers at the 2012 Bessie Smith Strut

Hadden Sayers performed at the 2012 Bessie Smith Strut.  In this clip, he plays his song "Hippie Getaway," and then talks about his music and what Bessie Smith means to him.  Click here to listen.


Tue June 12, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Joe Louis Walker Plays One For The Ladies

Joe Louis Walker performs at the Bessie Smith Strut

At the 2012 Bessie Smith Strut, bluesman Joe Louis Walker dedicated a mostly-instrumental number to the women in the crowd.  Click here to listen.



Tue June 12, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Lionel Young's Unusual Blues

At the 2012 Bessie Smith Strut, Lionel Young and his band performed--but instead of the usual electric guitar, Young played an electric violin.


Tue June 12, 2012
Arts & Culture

Tinkertoys at the Creative Discovery Museum

Building with Tinkertoys
Creative Discovery Museum

The summer exhibit at the Creative Discovery Museum downtown Chattanooga is all about Tinkertoys and building your imagination.  Through a series of manipulative objects children and their families can learn about nature, water systems, communication and collaboration.  There are activities involving wind power and plenty of opportunities to build using the classic Tinkertoy objects of wooden spools, sticks, fans and blocks.    The exhibit opened Memorial Day we

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Sun June 10, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Kaki King Previews New Material at Riverbend 2012

The first Saturday night of Riverbend 2012, Kaki King played an as-yet-untitled song from an upcoming album.  Click here to listen.




Sun June 10, 2012
Arts & Culture

Chattanooga Theatre Centre produces 'Hair', the American Rock Musical in 2012

'Hair' opens on CTC's Circle stage on June 15th for a month of Friday and Saturday night performances.    This one-of-a-kind, American tribal rock musical debuted in 1967 at the Joseph Papp Public Theatre and opened on Broadway the following year.   Forty five years later, Scott Dunlap directs the first production of 'Hair' ever staged  by the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

Listen to the interview with Director Scott Dunlap and Musical Director Andrew Chauncey about this production:

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Sat June 9, 2012
Riverbend 2012

Cutthroat Shamrock Gets Rowdy During Riverbend 2012's Opening Night

Cutthroat Shamrock on the TVFCU Stage

Cutthroat Shamrock, an Irish/Punk/Bluegrass band from Knoxville, asked the audience to join in on "Rowdy Soul."  Click here to listen.



Wed June 6, 2012
They Have A Listening Room, Too

It's Getting Loud At The Hunter With 'Sound +Vision'

This exhibit rocks.  The Hunter Museum of American Art is showing forty different artistic and iconic photos of Elvis, The Beatles, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jay-Z and other musicians.

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Sun June 3, 2012

New Rock Musical 'Drift' at Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

ETC opened 'Drift' this weekend at the St. Andrew's Center.  Director Garry Posey describes it as a "new edge rock musical."  This play about divorce is rock-driven rather than orchestra driven.  In that sense, it's different from most Broadway-style musicals.  It incorporates video elements as well as live performances.  'Drift' runs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through June 17, 2012.  For more information, click here.

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Fri June 1, 2012
Arts & Culture

Swing Fest at the Chattanooga Market

The Chattanooga Market

The big band Sweet Georgia Sound will be featured at Swing Fest on Sunday, June 3rd at the Chattanooga Market.  Swing Fest began in 2002 as a celebration of big band music and dance.  The Chattanooga Market is setting up a dance floor and invites everyone to come down and dance to the music of Sweet Georgia Sound while shopping for  local produce and artisan wares.  The Chattano

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Tue May 29, 2012
Let's Go To The Movies

Meet The Extras In '42'

Angeline Lassiter on the Red Carpet for "42"
Southern Hollywood Events

Legendary Pictures is filming the Jackie Robinson story in the movie 42 and portions of the movie are being filmed at historic Engel Stadium in Chattanooga.  Southern Hollywood Events is rounding up extras for the movie.  WUTC's Around and About producer Rabbit went behind the scenes to talk with some of the extras in the movie.

If you are interested in becoming an extra in the movie "42" call the hotline at 1-800-913-8563.

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Sun May 27, 2012