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Fri June 13, 2014
Arts & Culture

'Walk In My Shoes' Tells a Homeless Man's Story From His Point of View

The documentary 'Walk in my Shoes' is available on YouTube. It centers on a homeless man named Lee and a theatrical production about homelessness in Chattanooga.

Walk In My Shoes is a six-minute film about a homeless man called Lee. The film is a documentary about a stage play featuring actors recounting  the stories about their lives told to them by homeless people in Chattanooga. Staged in the salvation Army’s recreate café, the play was conceived by the café’s artistic director, Tenika Dye.

This segment features Tenika Dye, as well as Leif Ramsey, the film’s director, and Rodney Van Walkenburg from Arts Build Chattanooga. Arts Build funded the play and the film with a Community Cultural Connections grant.

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Thu December 5, 2013

The Holiday Edition of Walk in My Shoes Begins December 13th

From December 13th to the 16th, the holiday edition of Walk in My Shoes will take place at the ReCreate Cafe in Chattanooga. It transforms true, authentic stories so the can be performed in front of an audience. Some of these stories detail what it is like to be homeless and living on the streets.

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