Tue November 25, 2014

Main Streets Meats Wants to Be a Full Service Butcher Shop and Cafe

Chef Erik Niel and his wife, Amanda, have been running Easy Bistro on Broad Street in Chattanooga for  ten years. Now they are ready for a new venture, and so Erik and Amanda Niel have become partners in an old fashioned stand-alone butcher shop on Main Street in Chattanooga—Main Street Meats. When Richard Winham talked to Chef Niel about their new venture he told him he’d always wanted to work with animals.

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Mon November 24, 2014

Mainx24: All Day, All Night Southside Festival Features 100+ Events

Monica and Adam Kinsey join us for an overview of Mainx24, an annual festival that takes place on Chattanooga's Southside every December.  This year's Mainx24 will feature twenty-four hours of activities such as musical performances, open houses, an Art Bike Rodeo, a parade, art exhibits, a silent disco, and special offerings for children.  It starts the morning of December 6th.  More information is on Facebook and at the

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Fri December 6, 2013

On Dec 7, Mainx24 Festival Features 100+ Events

WUTC's Rabbit Zielke speaks with representatives from the Mainx24 Festival, a 24-hour block party on Chattanooga's Southside.

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Tue April 3, 2012
Trash Into Cash? Well...

Junk for Sale (Not Garbage, Mind You)

Greg Ross runs the junk shop, Estate of Confusion, on Main Street.

Greg Ross runs Estate of Confusion, a junk shop on Main Street. The place is full of old tools, machine parts, and other curiosities. The inventory might look a little worn or rusty to most people. But this is a junk shop, after all, and it takes a certain kind of imaginative customer to see the true potential in all the junk.



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Mon February 27, 2012
A Night At The Museum

At This Southside Gallery, Enjoy the Art--From Your Bed

Miki Boni and Tom Paulsin put a lot of work into transforming an old house in the Southside District into a contemporary, comfortable art gallery. Now when visitors come, they hope they’ll enjoy the art and stay awhile. A long while. Maybe overnight or for the weekend.


Mon February 27, 2012
Arts & Culture

Planet Altered’s CAFE Grant Series Helps Teachers, Too

For the last couple of years, the Planet Altered Gallery on Chattanooga’s Southside has held fundraising events called CAFE Grant Suppers.  At these events, people pay $12 for dinner.  During the dinner, artists and creative people who could use extra money to fund their work give pitches.  People listen to the pitches, vote, and then the winning artist receives most of the money people paid for dinner–often several hundred dollars total.  It’s a way for the Southside community to gather, enjoy food and fun, and support a local artist.

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