Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium

The Great White Shark may be one of the most misunderstood animals of all time. 

Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI) collaborates with scientists to monitor and engage in conservation efforts for the watershed and rivers in the region. 

Tennessee Aquarium

If you ever wanted to learn more about the "facts of life" for animals at the Tennessee Aquarium the Uncensored:Tennessee Aquarium After Hours event on February 14th will provide an adult education. 

Wedding on the Water

Feb 6, 2013

The Tennessee River may not be where you would expect to be married on a boat but the captains on the Tennessee Aquarium's River Gorge Explorer are fully licensed to perform weddings. 

The Tennessee River Rescue has been cleaning up our river for 24 years and will be doing it again on Saturday, October 6th. 

Serve and Protect with the Tennessee Aquarium and the Cast Iron Cook Off at the Chattanooga Market will come together Sunday, September 23rd with the 8th annual cooking competition on Lodge cast iron skillets at the market. 

Alexandra Cousteau is the final speaker in the Blue Planet Forum series hosted at the Tennessee Aquarium and sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Tennessee Aquarium

Celebrity chef Alton Brown is back in Chattanooga working with the Tennessee Aquarium to promote sustainable seafood with Serve and Protect

The Tennessee Aquarium and local restaurants have teamed up to promote sustainable seafood practices through the Serve and Protect program.

The Tennessee Aquarium Spring Break Keeper Kids program provides enrichment activities that take children behind the scenes to learn how to care for some of the animals at the aquarium.  The National Wildlife Federation is working with the Tennessee Aquarium to promote awareness and programming that will connect kids with nature.  The Keeper Kids activities are provided at no additional charge with the price of admission.  Children and their parents can sign up f