Underground Comedy

Joel Ruiz joins us to talk about what's new with Chattanooga's underground comedy scene.  Ruiz is a comedian, writer, performer and show producer/promoter.  Through his production company Evatt & Bloom, he's creating film projects, comedy sketches, and more, and is editing the "Organic Tour" documentary about the alternative and underground comedy scenes in cities throughout the Southeast. 

Evatt & Bloom Productions films video comedy sketches and produces live comedy & stand-up shows in Chattanooga.

The company seeks writers and actors for its 2014 season.  Auditions will happen January 20th at 7 p.m. at the Heritage House Arts and Civic Center in East Brainerd.  People unable to attend the live auditions can send video submissions instead.  Writers should send sample scripts to EvattBloom@gmail.com with 'Writer Application' as the subject line.

Joel Ruiz, the creative force behind Evatt & Bloom productions, joins us for an interview. 

Ryan Singer

The Organic Comedy Tour will stop in Chattanooga on January 29th.  More than a comedy show, it’s a documentary-in-progress about underground comedy.  In this segment, we explain what "underground comedy" is and how Chattanooga fits in.