Producer & Host Evening Music

Cleveland grew up in Memphis and has lived in the Chattanooga area for 18 years.  He graduated from UTC in 1995 and became involved with WUTC in 1999.  Cleveland was the producer of Voices from Home, a weekly showcase of local and...


Jeremy Pickard is one of the hosts of Please, Be Quiet Please.  In addition to an all-consuming love of The Magnetic Fields, he is both a playwright and the ginger representative for Team Pickard.


Josh is one of the hosts of Please, Be Quiet Please, and covers local and national music, film and other aspects of pop culture for

Program Director/Host

Mark Colbert has been WUTC's program director for 28 years.  "I love my job.  It's been an exciting experience witnessing the growth of WUTC since its inception in 1986," says Mark.  "Radio technology and music has changed over the years with...

Host/Feature News/Production Coordinator

A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Michael Edward Miller hosts Around and About.  His favorite radio programs and podcasts include This American Life, Radiolab and The Moth.  He and his wife Rachel are both Chattanooga...

Monty Bruell is the Host and Co-Executive Producer of Start It Up.  He is a Mentor at The Company Lab and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Rapid RMS, developers of iPad and cloud based point-of-sale systems.

Monty has founded companies...


Rachel is one of the hosts of Please, Be Quiet Please, and spends most of her time watching baseball and making sure her cat adheres to a weight management plan.

Afternoon Music Host & Business News

Host and producer of the Afternoon Music program, Richard was born in London.  He has lived in the United States since the early 1970s.  He moved to the US to find a job in radio.  He has worked in both commercial and public radio ever...