Michael Edward Miller

Host/Feature News/Production Coordinator

A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Michael Edward Miller hosts Around and About.  His favorite radio programs and podcasts include This American Life, Radiolab and The Moth.  He and his wife Rachel are both Chattanooga natives. 



Fri December 13, 2013

9-Month Chattanooga Shootings Investigation Concludes; TFP to Publish ‘Speak No Evil’ on Sunday

Reporters from the Chattanooga Times Free Press pored over hundreds of court documents and conducted more than 150 interviews for a special report, "Speak No Evil."  The report examined about 300 shootings in Chattanooga.  Often, after a shooting, no one is arrested—even if witnesses saw it happen.  If a shooter is arrested and prosecuted, he or she may spent only a short time in prison.  That’s because witnesses are often unwilling to cooperate with police.

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Mon December 9, 2013

St. Elmo Holiday Hop Features Food, Art, Open Houses & More 12/14

WUTC’s Michael Edward Miller speaks with John-Michael Forman from Forman Pottery and Molly Gardner from Molly Gardner Photography about the upcoming St. Elmo Holiday Hop.

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Fri December 6, 2013
Arts & Culture

In A Band? The Chattanooga Music Database Seeks Info

Launched November 25th, the 423 PK Web site seeks to be a comprehensive database of Chattanooga musicians, and already features more than a dozen profiles.

Brothers David and Joel Ruiz are building an online database of Chattanooga bands and musicians.  Their Web site, launched November 25th, could become a comprehensive directory that gives local music fans more information about artists, and helps venue owners book acts.

Artists can fill out a profile and get listed.

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Mon December 2, 2013

Handmade Goods That Help African Refugees: Amani Chattanooga Distributes Fair-Trade Items

African goods such as these oven mitts and wooden spoons are distributed and sold at Amani Chattanooga.
Molly Gardner Photography

Women affected by war and other hardships in Africa create handmade goods as part of Amani Ya Juu’s economic development program.  Amani is an international, fair-trade network with five locations in Africa, as well as one in Washington, D.C. and a distribution center in Chattanooga.

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Mon November 25, 2013
Come Fly With Me

Beginners, Experienced Pilots Are Both Welcome at Moccasin Flying Club

The Moccasin Flying Club, based out of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, isn't a flying school--but they can help student pilots  earn their licenses, and they provide social interaction for experienced pilots.  They have a Cessna 172 and a Flight Design CTSW, and members may fly the planes.  Gene Perkins, the Membership Coordinator, joins us for this segment.

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Fri November 22, 2013

Why Some East Tennesseans Drink Raw Milk

Cows are milked during an FDA video about raw milk.
Credit United States Food and Drug Administration

Nine East Tennessee children recently contracted E.coli after drinking raw, unpasteurized milk.  It came from the McBee Dairy Farm, located near Knoxville.  Yesterday, the Tennessee Department of Health announced it matched the strain of E.coli to animal waste at the farm, and says there are serious risks for people who choose raw milk.  Three of the children developed a severe kidney problem known as hemolytic uremic syndrome, and

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Thu November 7, 2013
He's a Poet, Producer & Performer

Poet Collier Steps Into Studio for ‘Between Beauty & Bedlam’

'Between Beauty & Bedlam' by Christian J. Collier (Released 10/06/2013 )

Christian J. Collier, a Chattanooga poet/musician, knows how to wow a crowd—he’s been invited to poetry slams in Atlanta and Nashville, and he hosts a local performance series, The Speakeasy.

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Tue November 5, 2013

TFNS Performs 'Circle Mirror Transformation' 11/8 - 11/17

WUTC's Michael Edward Miller talks to the director and cast members from the Theater For The New South, which is performing Circle Mirror Transformation, a play about five people participating in a drama class who wind up revealing personal information and secrets while playing acting games.  The play opens 11/8 at the South Chattanooga Recreation Center.

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Fri November 1, 2013

'Tennessee Tails' Features Pet Stories from Ooltewah Vet

Tennessee Tails: Pets and Their People, by Dr. Kathryn Primm

Dr. Kathryn Primm, a veterinarian who owns Applebrook Animal Hospital in Ooltewah, has written a memoir.  It's a collection of short, true stories about her four-legged patients and the people who love them.  Tennessee Tails: Pets and Their People is available from Amazon.  Proceeds from the book's first year of sales will benefit the Chattanooga Humane Society and the Pet Placement Center.

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Thu October 31, 2013

Stoker Descendant Discusses Famous Ancestor

Dacre Stoker is the great-grand-nephew of Dracula author Bram Stoker.  In this segment, Dacre discusses his famous ancestor's inspiration.  Was Vlad the Impaler really the inspiration for the world's most famous vampire?  Was one of Bram Stoker's brothers the inspiration for Van Helsing?

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Mon October 21, 2013

Off the Shelf: C&R Press Publisher Seeks Community Involvement

Chad Prevost runs C&R Press, a Chattanooga-based, nonprofit book publishing company.  Prevost and C&R authors are keeping busy with the Fusebox reading series, the Meacham Writers’ Workshop, and more.  For Prevost, it’s not enough to put books on a shelf—he also wants his company to be an active part of the community.

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Fri October 18, 2013
Behind the Headlines

Why Investigative Journalism Matters: A Conversation With Los Angeles Times Editor Davan Maharaj

Los Angeles Times editor Davan Maharaj.
Credit Contributed photo

Maharaj, a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga alumnus, returned to his alma mater Thursday to speak to students in the Department of Communication’s new television studio.  Before Maharaj met with students, WUTC’s Michael Edward Miller and Maharaj had an extended conversation about the value of in-depth journalism.  They discussed a series of investigate reports Maharaj wrote which led to changes in California law.    

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Wed October 2, 2013

See How Obamacare Could Impact You & Your Family

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act began October 1st.  See how the changes could affect you with this Obamacare calculator.


Fri September 27, 2013

Fascinating Journeys Featured in Nicely’s ‘East Tennessee Walking Tour and Historic Guide’

Local author and history buff Maury Nicely has written a regional guidebook, East Tennessee Walking Tour and Historic Guide.  In this interview, Nicely and WUTC’s Michael Edward Miller talk about the trivia, state lore and historic locations featured in the book.

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Mon September 23, 2013
Arts & Culture

Evatt & Bloom Producing Sketch Comedy Videos, Live Stand-Up Shows

Chris Dortch plays an accused drug dealer in the sketch '8th Grader.'

Joel Ruiz, the creative force behind Evatt & Bloom productions, joins us for an interview. 

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