Richard Winham

Afternoon Music Host & Business News

Host and producer of the Afternoon Music program, Richard was born in London.  He has lived in the United States since the early 1970s.  He moved to the US to find a job in radio.  He has worked in both commercial and public radio ever since.  Richard has been with WUTC since 1987; his show offers a freewheeling mix of music and interviews with musicians and other movers and shakers within our community, as well as visiting musicians and artists from across the country.



Tue August 6, 2013


Thu August 1, 2013
Arts & Culture

The Open Press Wants To Give Everyone A Chance To Get 'Their Hands Dirty'

The Open Press, a project started by Matt Greenwell, head of the Art department at UTC, and Paul Rustand, the creative director at Widgets and Stone, a local design company, resulted from their mutual passion for hands-on creativity. They are both comfortable using the tools and techniques of the digital age, but at the same time they both have a yen for a time when everything moved a little more slowly, and the work produced had the immediately recognizable stamp of an artisanal, made by hand product. Not necessarily perfect, but(for them) beautiful in its imperfection.

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Thu August 1, 2013

UTC Program More Than Doubles The Graduation Rate For Some At-Risk Students

"At-risk" students are the kids most likely (not) to succeed. They are the first person in their family to attend university. They typically come from low-income single parent homes and, as if that wasn't enough, they often suffer from a physical, emotional, or intellectual disability. The transition from high school to college is tough for any 18 year-old, but for these young men and women the obstacles are often insurmountable. Lucky--very, very lucky--are those who manage to secure a place in Shirl Gholston's Student Support Services.

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Thu July 25, 2013
Arts & Culture

One-Woman Music School: Jessica Nunn Teaches Violin, Viola, Cello & String Bass at 'Muse A Palooza'

Jessica Nunn is a gifted musician. She placed first on viola in 2005 in the annual statewide competition organized by the Tennessee Music Education Association. But while she is a gifted performer, Jessica is equally enthusiastic about teaching. 

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Wed July 24, 2013
Southern Hospitality

South Side's Crash Pad Is Like a 4-Star Hostel

The Crash Pad isn't exactly what that term might lead you to expect. Located off Main Street on the fashionable south side of the city, The Crash Pad was originally intended as a cheap place for the rock climbers coming to Chattanooga in increasing numbers to stay (relatively cheaply) for a night, but to almost everyone's surprise it attracts as many tourists in the Summer as it does climbers, cyclists and back packers in the Fall and Winter. 

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Thu March 28, 2013
In Memoriam

Dennis Palmer, ‘Truly Larger Than Life'

Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee will host memorial performances on March 29th and 30th.


  In this half-hour special produced by WUTC 88.1 FM, Richard Winham, Mike Miller, Bob Stagner, Bruce Kaplan, Ann Law, David Smotherman and Tom Landis remember Dennis Palmer, who passed away unexpectedly in February 2013.  Palmer and Stagner co-founded the Shaking Ray Levis, an influential avant-garde improvisational music duo active in Chattanooga and around the world since the 1980s.  Palmer was also a visual artist, teacher and storyteller. 

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Sunday Evening Music With Richard Winham

Originally, the 8 -10 p.m. Sunday time slot was veteran host Richard Winham's weekly freeform radio show, with Winham presenting an unpredictable mix of live performances, albums and talk.  Winham continues to surprise listeners with his playlists and conversations--but now invites select audience members into the studio to share their musical expertise.

The line up is: 

First Sunday 8-10 pm The Supersonic Soul Show--hosted and produced by Doug Cook.


Mon February 27, 2012
When Words Collide

They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh vs. Richard Winham

“I don’t ever talk to anybody who’s older than me,” John Flansburgh says in this interview with WUTC 88.1 FM’s Richard Winham.  Both Flansburgh and Winham have been in the music business for decades.  Winham, the host of WUTC’s afternoon music show, started his radio career in 1972.  Flansburgh’s music career began in 1982, when he and John Linnell founded the band They Might Be Giants.  In this extended, informal conversation, Winham doesn’t exactly interview Flansburgh–instead, these two music-industry veterans wind up interviewing each other, comparing their musical tastes and contrastin

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Around and About Chattanooga

Chattanooga is transforming into one of the nation's most progressive, vibrant cities. Guests on the Around and About program discuss the cultural events, art communities, environmental initiatives and other creative forces that are helping continue this transformation.

Afternoon Music

On casual listening, Afternoon Music might sound like a random mix of rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, jazz, and electronic music.  But Richard Winham, who has taught popular music at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, says his playlists explore the way disparate artists build upon each others' work.