Richard Winham

Afternoon Music Host, Around & About Producer

Host and producer of the Afternoon Music program, Richard was born in London. He has lived in the United States since the early 1970s.  He moved to the US to find a job in radio. He has worked in both commercial and public radio ever since. Richard has been with WUTC since 1987; his show offers a freewheeling mix of music and interviews with musicians and other movers and shakers within our community, as well as visiting musicians and artists from across the country.

Ways to Connect

Last Fall Corey Petree and his wife, Colleen, staged the first Fly Free Festival outside Nashville. About 1000 people showed up and everyone had a good time, according to Corey Petree—but he lost quite a lot of money. Just the same neither he nor his wife was ready to give up and they are trying again. This time they’ve chosen a location nearer to Chattanooga. In addition, he told Richard Winham, they have a stronger lineup this year.

The concert on September 13th, which is the last concert in this year’s Riverfront Nights Series,  features what organizer Jeff Styles calls a “name.” He says that every year the series includes one act most people recognize—this year it’s a Georgia band that made its debut with MTV in the early 1980’s.

Reflection Riding and Arboretum is one of the most beautiful places in the Chattanooga area  and yet many people have never been there. The people who know it go there to get away from urban life for a spell, but at this time of year many local gardeners head for the Arboretum for the semi-annual native plant sale. Over 12000 plants representing over 100 different species are for sale beginning this Friday September 12th. I went over to the Arboretum last week to talk to Dr. Paola Zannini Craddock who, along with a crew of volunteers, was busily preparing for the sale.

There are two more shows left in this year’s Riverfront Nights series. Jeff Styles,responsible for finding the bands and organizing the shows every week, says that this year’s series has been by far the most successful season yet.

A new musical and theatrical production by local composer Tim Hinck will receive its world premiere Thursday, September 4th in the Chattanooga Theatre Centre. Called Eve Apart, it focuses on the conflicts between men and women and the role of women in society. Working with such weighty themes led him to write a piece that is part light opera, part Broadway musical.

Riverfront Nights is back Saturday evening after taking a break for the Southern Brewers festival last weekend. As always in addition to the music there are a number of activities planned including paddle boarding and a couple of trail runs. Jeff Styles talks about the music and Randy Whorton from Wild Trails talks about the trail runs and paddle boarding.

Reflections Gallery on Lee Highway has a new exhibition opening next Thursday August 28th. Called Literary Art, the exhibition will feature work by local artists and craftsmen celebrating their love of books. One artist whose work is in the exhibition is Jackie Cory. She says she likes making her own books, but she also enjoys taking them apart and re-shaping them into something else.

While the term “industrial farmhouse” may seem to be a contradiction, for Mark Oldham it’s a hedge against corporate uniformity. Technology has enabled furniture makers to produce hundreds of tables and chairs that are all exactly alike. It’s very efficient, but for Mark Oldham and his crew it’s “boring.”

At The Industrial Farmhouse, they produce individual, one-of-a-kind pieces, but say the pieces don’t cost any more than mass produced furniture.

The Choo Choo Chorus is a group of 45 local barbershop harmony singers who sing together and in individual quartets. On August 16th the full Choo Choo Chorus as well as a number of the quartets will be in concert singing songs from Disney movies. Richard Winham talked to the one of the quartets –The Chattanooguys—Marcellus Scott, Bo Christian, David Fleury and Wally Edmondson.

This year’s Southern Brewer’s Festival has been expanded to two nights—Friday August 22nd and Saturday August 23rd. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the festival. Richard Winham talked to George Parker—he’s been booking the music for the festival since its inception—he told him this year may be the best yet.

Riverfront Nights is back for another season of six shows on the grass beside the Tennessee River.  Jacob Powell kicks off the free concert series on Saturday, August 2nd at 7 p.m.

Jeff Styles appears in this interview to talk about the music and all of the other activities they’ve got planned for this year.

David Crewe was trained as a mechanical engineer. He spent over a decade building and installing boilers until he got bored with it. At that point he went back to the small woodworking shop he and his father spent 20 years building on a scrap of land on Signal Mountain. He makes furniture in the same Queen Anne style his dad adored, but his passion is for designing and building high end loudspeakers. In this interview, David Crewe explains how he builds the fanciful speakers he sells in the Area 61 Art gallery on Main Street.

Patrick Johnston is a self-described “soccer junkie.” A soccer coach at the University of the South in Sewanee, he has been to every World Cup since Mexico in 1986 and wrote the book The Odyssey of a Soccer Junkie about his experiences.  He was our guest on Around and About a few weeks ago to talk about his book detailing his adventures in pursuit of tickets and a place to sleep wherever the World Cup has been played in the past 25 years.

Blood Assurance has been providing a safe blood supply in Chattanooga and 47 other counties since 1973. Prior to that time, people in need of blood had to rely on friends and relatives. In addition to ensuring a plentiful supply of whole blood, Blood Assurance also distributes plasma and blood platelets, primarily to cancer patients. It was the parents of a cancer patient who established the Blood Assurance Foundation. The foundation gives scholarships to local high school seniors every year.

Velo Coffee Roasters has been on Chattanooga's Main Street for almost five years, selling coffee by the cup and delivering bags of beans by bike to businesses across the city. Their original business plan was for slow but steady growth, but now they’re ready to take a big step forward. The coffee roaster they’ve been using is too small and they’d like to replace it.