Answering the Call at 911

Apr 3, 2013

In celebration of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week April 14-20 we visited the Hamilton County 911 Call Center. 

Public Safety Telecommunicator Amy McBryar prepared to answer a 911 call at the Hamilton County 911 Call Center.
Credit Rabbit Zielke

The telecommunicators are highly trained professionals ready to answer any call at any time and dispatch appropriate assistance.  It is never just the individual person that answers the call taking care of the emergency.  There is a team behind that call with several people working on the same call at the same time.  While the calm 911 operator takes information and keeps the caller engaged there are other 911 telecommunicators communicating with agencies and dispatching emergency services to the scene.  Each day and each call presents a challenge to the emotions of the telecommunicator but they are prepared and willing to face any emergency call in support of public safety.  The next time you have an emergency and call 911 for help be sure to thank the person on the other end that answered your call for help, and have them pass the thanks along to the team that helped respond to your emergency.