Around and About Wants to Hear from Storytellers

Apr 29, 2013

Around and About is gearing up for an upcoming storyteller project. Do you have a story to tell? Or a knack for storytelling in general?  We're searching for those interesting and authentic stories from people in our region. 

What's a story? It has a beginning, middle, and end (not necessarily in that order). It has character, plot, tension, and climax.  If you have a nonfiction story with these components, we want to put it on the radio.

You must be able to tell the story in an articulate fashion.  It needs to be a story about something that happened to you, personally--a first-person account of a tale from your own life.  You'll come to WUTC's studios and tell your true story, and our producers will take care of the rest!

All stories are welcome whether they be light-hearted, charming, dangerous, and/or thrilling. However, they must be engaging, and they must be something real that happened to you.

Have a story? Call (423)-425-2224. E-mail or

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