In A Band? The Chattanooga Music Database Seeks Info

Dec 6, 2013

Launched November 25th, the 423 PK Web site seeks to be a comprehensive database of Chattanooga musicians, and already features more than a dozen profiles.

Brothers David and Joel Ruiz are building an online database of Chattanooga bands and musicians.  Their Web site, launched November 25th, could become a comprehensive directory that gives local music fans more information about artists, and helps venue owners book acts.

Artists can fill out a profile and get listed.

An event coming up December 10th will offer free promo photos to select artists in the area. For more information about the event, e-mail

From a media release:

On December 10th 423BraggingRights and Evatt & Bloom will be holding a band promo shoot day for the 423PK Chattanooga Music Database. We will have 4 photographers (David Ruiz, Charlie Davis, Ricardo Chang, and Amy Flether) at 4 different locations (JJs Bohemia, Magpie, Lindsay Street Hall, and The Honest Pint) from 6 – 8pm that will shoot 4 bands each. Green Door Trading Company and Collective Clothing will provide backdrops and set extras. Each band will have 30 minutes for each shoot and will receive 5 free promo shoots.

This day is open to any and all bands and musicians in Chattanooga, but we will give priority to bands that have little to no professional promo or live photos of their group before others. All bands and musicians will be assigned to a venue and time; if they have a preference we will take that in to mind while making the placements.

Afterwards David and Joel Ruiz (co-founders of the 423PK Database) will be holding a Q&A open to the public at Lindsay Street Hall from 8 – 9pm. All bands and musicians are encouraged to come out to ask any questions they have about what the 423PK Chattanooga Music Database will offer to local musicians, what our plans are for it in the future, and any other questions they would have.

If interested in the promo shoot day for your band please send an email to