Climate Chattanooga Renewable Energy Festival Coming up 8/16

Aug 13, 2014

The Cool Down Chattown Climate Chattanooga Renewable Energy Festival will happen Saturday, August 16th at the Crash Pad.  Sandy Kurtz from the Chattanooga Healthy Energy for Everyone coalition joins us for an interview about the free festival and the new coalition.  In this interview, we also speak about the future of renewable energy with Chris Ann Lunghino, the Tennessee organizing representative from the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign.

From the event's Facebook page:

Cool Down Chattown
Climate Chattanooga Renewable Energy Festival

August 16, 4-9 PM at The Crash Pad
Climate Chattanooga is holding a festival for all ages on August 16 to celebrate and learn about sustainability, renewable energy, climate protection, and justice through hands-on activities, music, speakers, and more.

Main Stage Performances Featuring:

Opposite Box
Amanda Rose
Musical Moose

Speakers/ Schedule

4:00 Chris Ann Lunghino Executive Director of Community Sustainability USA, Inc
4:04 Dawn Hjelseth
4:11 Mary Headrick
4:15 Mayor Andy Berke
4:25 Amanda Rose (Musician)
5:00 Scott Banbury Sierra Club Tennessee Conservation Chairman
5:06 Stefanie DeOlloqui
5:10 Havoc (Band)
6:00 Ash Lee Henderson
6:05 Carol Berz
6:10 Musical Moose (Band)
7:00 Reverand Olin Ivey
7:05 Perrin J. Lance Chattanooga Organized for Action 2013 National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year
7:10 Opposite Box (Band)
8:00 Scott Banbury
8:05 Andy Lewis
8:10 Opposite Box (Band Set 2)
9:00 End of set

Workshops and Activities
at Green/Spaces to accompany the Event
Dirty Energy Road Show at 2:15 w Eric Blevins of Mountain Justice
4:15 Better Business, Better World w Dawn Hjelseth of green/light and green/spaces
5:15 Leave the fossils in the ground or in a museum w Scott Banbury of Tennessee Sierra Club
Hatponics - Mary Klinghard
Crabtree Famrs Andrea
Coloring Contest

Food, Drinks and More festivities to be announced as the date approaches.
Off Grid Juice Andy Lewis 423-400-1741
Rockin' Taco